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Gene Yeo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Website: http://yeolab.ucsd.edu
Email: geneyeo@ucsd.edu

Pathways/processes: Transcription, RNA splicing, microRNA-mRNA interaction, Epigenetics, Translation
Teams/collaborations: Moores Cancer Center, Seq. Core, Cal-IT2, other IGM investigators: Xiang-Dong Fu, Bruce Hamilton, Christopher Glass, Ming Tsuang, Al La Spada, Joe Gleeson, Kun Zhang
Approaches: High-throughput sequencing, computational approaches, mass-spec, stem cells, reprogramming
Diseases: Autism, Fragile X syndrome, Schizophrenia, Cancer, Virus-host Interactions


The Yeo Lab combines genomics, machine-learning, biochemistry and genetics to identify functional RNA elements recognized by RNA binding proteins and study their interaction in controlling the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression underlying human genetic and infectious diseases. In particular, we are generating patient-specific pluripotent stem cells to model neurological disorders, and understanding microRNA-mediated virus-host interaction.