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Christopher K. Glass, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine and Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Website: http://glasslab.ucsd.edu/i ndex.html
Email: chglass@ucsd.edu

Pathways/processes: Macrophage development and function in health and disease
Teams/collaborations: Xiang-Dong Fu, Bing Ren, Gene Yeo, Rosenfeld
Approaches: Transcriptomic and genomic assays based on massive parallel sequencing, genetic model systems
Diseases: Atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, neurodegeneration


Dr. Glass' laboratory investigates transcriptional mechanisms that regulate the development and function of the macrophage, a cell that plays key roles in immunity and inflammatory diseases. Current efforts are to determine the biochemical and biological roles of sequence-specific transcription factors and their associated co-regulators at gene-specific and genome-wide scales.