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Bruce Hamilton, Ph.D.

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Director, UCSD Genetics Training Program
Associate Director, IGM

Website: https://healthsciences.ucsd.edu/som/cmm/research/labs/hamilton/pages/default.aspx
Email: bah@ucsd.edu

Pathways/processes: Neural development, Developmental signaling, Transcription, RNA export
Teams/collaborations: Cancer Center, Graduate education, Neil Chi, Xiang-Dong Fu, Gene Yeo
Approaches: Linkage, association, modifier genes, expression profiling, animal models, deep sequencing
Diseases: Hypertension, ataxias, tremor, developmental abnormalities


We are interested in genetic architectures and genomic responses in brain development, neurological disorders, and neural control of blood pressure regulation. Recent work has focused on modifier genes and gene networks in mouse models, with particular emphasis on therapeutic range in genetic titration experiments.