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Lilia Iakoucheva, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Website: http://iakouchevalab.ucsd.edu/
Email: lilyak@ucsd.edu

Teams/collaborations: Alysson Muotri, Jonathan Sebat
Approaches: transcriptomics, proteomics, co-expression and protein interaction networks, stem cell and mouse models
Diseases: autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia

The Iakoucheva lab research focuses on improving the understanding of the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental diseases (NDDs). The goal of the laboratory is to discover pathways and networks that connect genes carrying autism and/or schizophrenia risk mutations. We are using patient-derived brain organoids and CRISPR mouse models to better understand cellular, molecular, and network-level deficits underlying these diseases. Another question that we are investigating is how NDD mutations impact splicing isoforms of genes in the context of brain-expressed isoform-level networks.