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Trey Ideker, Ph.D.

Division Chief, Medical Genetics
Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine

Website: http://chianti.ucsd.edu/idekerlab/
Email: tideker@ucsd.edu

Pathways/processes: DNA Response, Transcriptional Regulation
Teams/collaborations: Cancer Center, Bioengineering, CalIT2, BioGEM Core, IGM Investigators: Richard Kolodner, Dan O'Connor, Gary Hardiman, Chris Class
Approaches: High-throughput sequencing, chIP-seq, protein networks, genetics interaction mapping, computational biology
Diseases: CLL, genotoxicity, HIV


The past decade has seen an explosion in "genome-era" technologies which profile genes, proteins, metabolites and the intricate web of interconnections among them. These advances are revealing complex genetic networks that underlie human biology and patient health. Mapping genetic networks will be essential information as doctors struggle to interpret the flood of genetic and clinical data that can now be collected for a patient. The Ideker lab is working in several areas which we believe will be critical for enabling tomorrow's clinicians to use genetic networks to diagnose and treat disease.