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Kang Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Ophthalmology
Shiley Eye Institute
Chief, Ophthalmic Genetics

Websites: http://zhanglab.ucsd.edu, http://shileyeye.ucsd.edu/faculty/kang-zhang
Email: k5zhang@ucsd.edu

Pathways/processes: Structural and functional variants in human genome and epigenome; stem cell and tissue 3D printing; drug delivery and gene editing and therapy
Teams/collaborations: Bioengineering, CMM, SIO, Seq. Core, other IGM investigators: Kun Zhang, Bing Ren, Xiang-Dong Fu, Trey Ideker, Sheng Zhong
Approaches: High-throughput sequencing, stem cells and tissue engineering, animal models for human diseases
Diseases: Eye diseases, tissue engineering, aging and age related diseases


The overall goal of our research program is to discover novel genes and gain new insights into molecular mechanisms of human diseases, and to use stem cell, 3D tissue bioprinting, and gene therapies to treat a wide range of human disorders.