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Tatum Simonson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, John B. West Endowed Chair in Respiratory Physiology in the Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine, and Physiology
Founder and Co-Director, Center for Physiological Genomics of Low Oxygen

Website: https://pulmonary.ucsd.edu/research/labs-centers/simonson/index.html
About: https://www.geneticjourney.net/about
Email: tsimonson@health.ucsd.edu

Approaches: Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Human Genetics, HighThroughput, DNA Sequencing Data Analysis

Our team applies integrative physiological genomics approaches to understand systems-level responses to hypoxia in global populations. Through deep-phenotyping, whole-genome sequencing and other - omics analyses, we examine the functional relevance of adaptive genetic signatures in participants at high altitudes, including Tibet and Peru. Our studies have revealed novel adaptive genetic factors and links between individual variation in hemoglobin, breathing, and sleep phenotypes. In addition to research in the highlands, our team studies natural variation in human responses to low oxygen and aims to understand the interplay of -omics factors in hypoxia-related disease states (e.g., altitude illness, sleep apnea, and cardiopulmonary diseases). These recent efforts include studies of large Latino/x families impacted by the current pandemic in the Southern Border Region of California. Through multidisciplinary efforts, our research elucidates the role of critical genetic loci and/or key environmental factors pertinent to health and disease in populations historically understudied in the context of precision medicine. These and related interdisciplinary efforts are coordinated through our recently developed Center for Physiological Genomics of Low Oxygen at UC San Diego.