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Elizabeth Winzeler, Ph.D.

Professor of Pediatrics
Director of Translational Research, UC Health Sciences Center for Immunology, Infection and Inflammation

Website: http://winzeler.ucsd.edu/
Email: ewinzeler@ucsd.edu

Pathways and processes: Any
Teams/Collaborations: Worm Free World, NGBS drug discovery consortium, the Medicines for Malaria Venture, International Centers of Excellence in Malaria Research.
Approaches: Genetics, genomics, sequencing, microarrays, chemical genetics, drug discovery, bio and cheminformatics
Diseases: Neglected diseases, infectious diseases


My laboratory has traditionally used "big data" approaches to solve problems in public health at the molecular level. We have created and evaluated large chemical screening datasets to help create new drug candidates for the treatment of malaria. We are using comprehensive whole genome sequencing approaches to find novel drug targets, and we are using genomics to find genes involved in pathogen drug resistance.