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The IGM Genomics Center depends in part on proper recognition in publication, by formal mention in the acknowledgment section. For all publications which include data generated in the IGM Genomics Center, it is kindly requested that you acknowledge this support:

Please be sure to acknowledge the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant that funded the NovaSeq purchase: “This publication includes data generated at the UC San Diego IGM Genomics Center utilizing an Illumina NovaSeq 6000 that was purchased with funding from a National Institutes of Health SIG grant (#S10 OD026929)

Please link your publications to the grant using My Bibliography: Read the NIH help pages on managing compliance using My NCBI

[Insert name of services(s) here] was conducted at the IGM Genomics Center, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA.

Diabetes Research Center (DRC), Moores Cancer Center (MCC), and San Diego Digestive Diseases Research Center (SDDDRC) members:

    Please also reference the following grants:
  • DRC grant # P30DK063491
  • MCC grant # P30CA023100
  • SDDDRC grant # P30DK120515

The IGM Genomics Center will be appreciative if you could please provide us with a PDF of any publications in which the Genomics Center is acknowledged.

Your publications directly impact funding for our center, and keep our prices reasonable!