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Tiffany Amariuta

Tiffany Amariuta

Assistant Professor in the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute and the Department of Medicine (Division of Biomedical Informatics)
Department of Medicine (Division of Biomedical Informatics)

We are a statistical genetics lab focusing on developing methods to study complex traits and polygenic diseases in global populations. Request #2 We are specifically interested in fine-mapping disease genes and their cell types of action, with the goal of finding targets for genebased therapeutics. Before coming to UCSD in the fall of 2022, Dr. Amariuta developed statistical and machine learning methods to predict cell-type-specific enhancers (Amariuta et al, AJHG 2019), improve the trans-ancestry portability of polygenic risk scores (Amariuta, Ishigaki, et al, Nature Genetics 2020), and identify causal cell types regulating disease (preprint on bioRxiv). Please see our lab website for links to our software, Github repositories, list of lab members, contact info, and recent publications: