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iPSCORE:iPSC Collection for Omics Research

200 lines of iPSCs and iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes are available for purchase. Click Here for more information.

Contact IGM Genomics Center:
Kristen Jepsen, PhD
Phone: (858) 822-2754
Email: kjepsen@ucsd.edu

The UCSD IGM Genomics Center

The IGM Genomics Center at the University of California, San Diego, is a core research facility overseen by the IGM. Located in Leichtag 172, the IGM Genomics Center provides a variety of services, including sequencing library preparation and sequencing on Illumina's MiSeq, HiSeq2500 and HiSeq4000 platforms as well as on the PacBio RS II Sequencing System. We also process Illumina Infinium Beadchips, which includes a variety of whole-genome genotyping (WGGT) arrays as well as the Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip. For our complete offerings, please visit the Services tab.

The mission of the IGM Genomics Center is to provide UCSD researchers, as well as researchers in the greater UC community, high quality standard, cutting-edge, and custom genomics services as well as consultation on experimental design and training/education about genomic methods. We can also provide our services to researchers at other research institutions and to industry.

Please visit our other pages for detailed information regarding our services and prices. We are here to support your science so please feel free to contact us at anytime. We look forward to serving your research needs.

UCSD IGM Genomics Center

The IGM Genomics Center is supported by the Moores Cancer Center , an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, and provides genomics services central to basic and translational cancer research. For more information, please visit our Cancer Genomics tab.

Diabetes Center

The IGM Genomics Center is supported by the UCSD-UCLA Diabetes Research Center and provides genomics services to support research in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. For more information, please visit the DRC Genomics and Epigenetics Core website