For specific information about these reagents and how to obtain samples, please contact:
Dr. Sucheta VaingankarO’Connor Twins Resource – Biologics
In all email inquiries, please put in the subject line: O'Connor Twins Biospecimens

The following reagents are available:

  • Blood
  • Plasma
  • Urine
  • DNA
  • *Human induced pluripotent stem cells


- For plasma sampling, the investigators systematically minimized initial environmental contributions, by first placing a HepLock IV in a dorsal hand vein, and then waiting for 20 min before blood sampling, to allow equilibration and minimize environmental perturbation. Within 1 hour the refrigerated, EDTA-anticoagulated/ heparin-anticoagulated blood was centrifuged, and the resulting plasma removed and stored at -70°C.

- For urine, a freshly voided sample was collected and frozen at -70°C.

- PBMC cells were collected and stored in liquid nitrogen.

- For iPSCs skin punch biopsy was done as a source of fibroblasts and keratinocytes. The de-differentiation into iPSCs, is described in Stem Cell Reports 2017; 8:1086.

- Genomic DNA was extracted from blood leukocytes in each individual, then quantified by Qubit read.


*The iPSC specimens are available from the lab of Dr. Kelly Frazer / IGM: